Yellow-breasted Crake

Yellow-breasted Crake was in my bucket list for a long time, one bird I look for so long. But, maybe 5 years ago I got one flapping away which I still remember no problem.
This Crake can be found in countries such as Mexico and Argentina, Brazil, and even the West Indies. Yes! The Caribbean Islands, nevertheless, widespread does not mean easy to see at all.

After I work so hard for this bird and learn more and more about their daily activities, I could make them appear more and more in my Itineraries. However, because you never stop learning.
I learn during this trip something else something new. The newly hatched Yellow-breasted Crakes are yet-black with bright yellow-bricks and immense-feet compare with their bodies almost not matching one to the other.
Yeah! Yellow-breasted Crack Babies walking along with their parents…

The photo is not my picture, but Roger, one of our tour participants, gave it to me as a donation.
If someone wants to buy the photo, you can contact Don Roger to his mail print in the picture.
Thank you, Roger.

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