Our photo tour has been planned to photograph wildlife, nevertheless, Costa Rica is full of surprises, and every location we go to, the chances to photograph other things will be there for sure. During this trip, you have opportunities to catch colorful and impressive Birds, Monkeys, Frogs, Lizards, Butterflies, and many more insects. 

Lodges we visit on this tour are dedicated to wildlife photography meanly, but, also to enrich the tour and your experience we go to nearby spots dedicated 100% to photographers, the network we use for this tour is dedicated to improving photos as much as possible, so activities on this tour are exclusive to get the best pictures of Costa Rica nature in its main essence. 

We are a company dedicated to explore, enjoy and learn wildlife, if you are the kind of person who is interested in learning the natural history of the creatures you photographing this tour is definitely your trip. 

Wild Things



Butterflies are intriguing creatures in many aspects, their fantastic multeity of colors is, their main one. Every time someone comes across a Blue Morpho the time freezes and there is nothing else, but bright flashes of iridescent blue in the air. Almost like a bubble flouting along throughout the forest.

Butterflies besides beautiful insects also are very important for the whole planet. They are great pollinators and a good indicator of a healthy environment. A lot of the products we consume today are the result of the interference of butterflies.

This magnificent insect is a good distraction for those people who appreciated something wild!

We know exactly what a good butterfly picture means for a nature lover if you are interested in spending time studying them and of course, photographing all insects but meanly butterflies, we can put together a plan where those photos would come through. 

Amphibians & Reptiles