The place of La Santísima Trinidad

The passion for the Caribbean birds is very easy to be pickup from all the endemic species that can be found in each country all along the Caribbean Sea.

The most southern country of the Caribbean is; Trinidad & Tobago who are two big islands surrounded by many more little ones. This country has officially two endemic species of bird, the Pawi as local folk calls the majestic Trinidad Piping Guan and Trinidad Motmot in the genus Momotus.

The birdlife can be taken as a good touch of what you can see in the main continent, in-fact this country is highly recommended for immature birders to be visited before you do the first step into the rain forest birds of Central and South America.

The Pawi or Trinidad Piping guan is a good size bird located in very few places on the country in-fact we just saw three of them, sounds like a lot of them, but in only one place and we never saw them again.

Trinidad Motmot is one of the endemic species of this country, this bird was considered for a long time a subspecies of Momotus momota, but studies carried out in 2009, which examined more than 500 specimens, showed these birds were different. Based on plumage, body structure, and vocalization patterns.

The data collected during studies supported by information on geographic distribution and ecology was remarkable to justify their recognition as separate species.

Trinidad has good hummingbird species, but if you want to see White-tailed Sabrewing you got to go to Tobago where is easier than Trinidad, look for a good pice of a forest, and hopefully see one like the one we saw on the side of the road.

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