Semiplumbeous Hawk

The Hawk that hardly ever soar.

This medium size Hawk of conspicuous orange ceres, lores, and legs, occurs in the tropical rain forest, like one in Costa Rica, where it hunt’s from a perch below canopy level, usually, a broad branch of the tree were with a good hawkeye it loves to guard for lizards, amphibians, small mammals, and bird-like wood rails.

It belongs to a genus (Leucopternis) this genus only contains 10 members in it, all of them find in the continent of America.

The scientific name of this Hawk is Leucopternis semiplumbeus where Leucopternis con from the Latin Leucos “White” and pternis, “a kind of hawk” The species name, semiplumbeus, is Latin from semi “half” and plumbeus “leaden what we know as color gray.

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