The Birder

Bird Guide

Herman Venegas Paniagua; Native Costa Rican; He was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by nature thanks to the fact of being so close to one of the largest parks in Central America, La Amistad International Park an immense area of ​​forest with a rich diversity of wild animals which caught Herman’s attention since he was little. Also, the farm of his grandparents was like a study center for insects, reptiles, mammals, and of course birds.

After a few years, Herman took a job not related to guiding or birding at Rancho Naturalista one of the best mountain lodges in the world, once he was surrounded by nature, pull the trigger to bring childhood-wildlife-knowledge to his life again.
He began to study and train birding skills with the best guides in the world who visited the Lodge, and soon after he became the local guide of that wonderful place located on the foothills of Talamanca.

Like many other guides, the need to extend or branch out the knowledge he decided to work as a freelance guide for the best companies in Costa Rica which are his letter of recommendation.

These days Herman dedicates his time to bird watching and nature tours throughout Costa Rica.

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