The Republic of Costa Rica

Small-country, located in Central America, south from Nicaragua and northwest from Panama.

With not more than 51 100 km² of territory, this country is tiny in squares-meters, but, big in biodiversity and habitats such as low-elevation rainforest, marshes or wetlands near the coast, high-elevation-cloud forest, mangroves forest lining coastal waterways, one facing West to the Pacific Ocean and the other one facing the Atlantic Ocean.

This country offers to all wildlife, but especially birds, food-plants that can be the harvest, from either protected area or land designated to farm, such as coffee-plantations, sugarcane fields, cattle pastures to mention some of the stilted habitats. This mix of primary or non-touch forest and manmade landscape enrich the possibilities of getting a new species for your life-list.    

The geological events that led to the creation of a bridge between what is today known as North America and South America are known as Costa Rica nowadays.