The different elevations all alone from one to the other mountain ranges, build-out tiny micro-habitats for all different species host in this country.  

Costa Rica offers a wide variety of tropical families such as Antbirds, Hummingbirds, Parrots, Trogons, Motmots, Toucans, Furnariids, Manakins, Cotingas, and many more all contained in one small but diverse piece of land. 

This tour proposes an introduction to Costa Rica for birders, and especially for customers that have never been to the country before. This tour will provide a good touch to the Classic Costa Rica birds and wildlife in general.

Costa Rica Essential Tour

Items of this tour

  • Time on tour 14 days in total.
  • Lodges you need to stay in 6 in total.
  • All meals need it for the trip will be cover.
  • Transport full time.
  • Bird-Guide full time.
  • Boat ride on Rio Tarcoles.
  • Entrances fee to the parks, and private reserves.

 The costs per person of this tour vary in between the number of participants, more people on the tour, lower the cost per person.



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