Thanks for visit our website The Birder.net Our website offers a new option for all the public that wants to travel but needs extra help in planning their birdwatching holidays.

We are a company that offers Guiding Services for the enjoyment of outdoor activities, such as birdwatching and photographing excursion, all around Costa Rica. We offer on our website that extra help, that you may need before any tour. Our experience and our knowledge can make your trip so simple, just taking away the stressful time that involves all planning and organizing a trip. We can organize or fix your itineraries according to the needs and requests you could or should have before any holiday.

Essentially “The Birder” is a Consulting Company, not a tour operator, but we can guide you to the best company in Costa Rica and make sure you are going to have the best bird-guide for your trip. In the way of giving you the best experience we only or just co-work with best.

Birds are the center of attention, but, we also know there are many other attractions that our guests can enjoy while they are in Costa Rica such as Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals, Colorful- Butterflies and a huge variety of many other insects you can observe and photograph during holidays.

Our mission is to teach and share in the most responsible way the wonders of nature with birding-colleagues.